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live tweets in command line using python —

Who hasn’t always opened a linux terminal? Well, New Balance 247 femme for the ones who do, nike air max 97 homme here’s a little python script which brings you live tweets directly to your bash, Nike Air Max 90 Femme Blanche using your keywords

How it looks?


How it works?

Create your twitter application here: fill the following four strings in the python script with your Keys/Tokens in the #Auth section: consumer_key consumer_secret access_token access_token_secret

Where’s the code?

Here you go:


How to run it?

As it’s using the tweepy module,

replacing bookmarks in a word document with python —

The last days I was fighting around with how to replace a bookmark in a word (docx) document.

After years of python programming I thought that this would be a simple task, helped by a python module. weeell emmm, I was wrong!

What I learned was that a word document is a simple zip-file, with a folder structure and a few xml-documents.

Here is a code which uncompresses the file, changes the defined bookmarks and recompresses it (in a new file) as a word document:



It’s all pretty basic, but it should help understanding the stupidness of microsoft!!!


pcryptsy – a graphical – trading client —

pcryptsy is a GUI for with the ability to calculate and plot charts

icon128 pcryptsy is a complete python application with PyQt4 frontend (QtCore, Adidas NMD Homme QtGui, Asics Gel Lyte 3 Femme QtWebkit). nike air force 1 high uomo It’s using a modified version of PyCryptsy module to connect to the official web-API. Nike Air Max 1 Homme You need to have python-matplotlib installed to plot graphics – pcryptsy is using parsed JSON data from website to get the coin values (files can get up to ~10Mb)

  • keep overview of your current balances:


  • keep track of current altcoin values as well as sell/buy orders:


  • create and delete buy/sell orders:


  • view live-website inside:


  • calculate and plot EMA chart based on the last 22 days:


  • debian requirements:

python-qt4 python-matplotlib

  • to install requirements:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install python-qt4 python-matplotlib

All you need is your API Public Key and Private Key ( – settings)

./pcryptsy or python pcryptsy

Here is a beta version which was tested on a debian system (python3)

as well as on a Windows XP SP3 (python 2.7):

[download id=”1″ display=”name”] MD5: 08d20dca5f4e716bbd31c5eae297a062

[download id=”2″ display=”name”] MD5: ed8b9f217e549aa125e98f2bad4a06ba

Try it and have fun!






BTW: I tryed to create, Nike Roshe Run homme both, Canada Goose Parka Expedition linux and windows executables – linux executables work with a size around 100MB which is too big in my opinion and windows? god damn, buy ff14 gil who needs it anyway…