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eeepc 701 – ubuntu 8.10 wlan —

hi guys!   If your atheros chip can’t be detectet here’s a little howto enable it: adding the repository:  echo “deb intrepid-backports main restricted universe multiverse” >> /etc/apt/sources.list   now update aptitude and install the modules: apt-get update && aptitude install linux-backports-modules-intrepid   last step is to add the modules to the startup: echo […]

fun with netcat / netcat examples —

yesterday (after i did some nasty things with my girlfriend), i was sitting before my computer and had a look into the deeeeep black bash =] okay, it makes no sense at all, i will start now: my 5 favorite netcat (nc) commands: a chat server: on the server:

on the client:

act […]

nohup – no output file / no nohup.out —

what is ‘nohup’? nohup execute commands after you exit from a shell prompt (also ssh-session) it ignores the signals: SIGHUP SIGINT SIGQUIT and SIGTERM how does it work? it’s very simple: alias nohup=’/usr/bin/nohup >/dev/null 2>&1′ nohup ‘command’ & don’t forget the & !!! this is really “dodl-sicha” [tyrolian slang] cheerz chaos

eeepc issue —

here’s a little pyhon script (very little, but interesting) for the issue or (located in /etc): i justed added this script ( in it:

what does it do? it gives u a little overview about your eeepc state: date and time system information (hostname, kernel-version) battery-state filesystem usage (human readable) anything missing? please […]

ubuntu on the eeePC —

First of all i have to say that xandros-linux isn’t a “free”-OS for me. So i decided to put ubuntu 8.04 on the eeepc. First i tryed to install the ubuntu 8.04 alternate (because of security-fs), but ran into issues, because of the mount-points … i tryed to fix it 2 hours, then i gave […]