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live tweets in command line using python —

Tweet Who hasn’t always opened a linux terminal? Well, for the ones who do, here’s a little python script which brings you live tweets directly to your bash, using your keywords How it looks?         How it works? Create your twitter application here: fill the following four strings in the python […]

meexbox-cli … CLI for xbox live —

hi folks! i was searching for an easy way to check if my xbox-live friends are online and what they are up to… … since microsoft xbox live doesn’t have no official api, I found a website which offers json-data in return of requesting an url with the given xbox-live username! … I packed it […]

revers caller lookup for android in austria #update —

I found a nice and also free application on the android market called “Lookup Incoming Call” It currently supports a lookup for: Sweden ( (US) (DE) and it also supports a custom lookup! so i decided to program a little script to lookup phone numbers in Austria. After two days of coding (python) […]

hostinfo – ported to openmoko #update1 —

update1: nmap is now running! you have to add the angstrom repository to your okpg source:

and then just type:

or reinstall the install file! done =] original post: as i promised, the first application was ported to the openmoko freerunner (tested under om2008.9 with the newest kernel) just download this file: install […]