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live tweets in command line using python —

Tweet Who hasn’t always opened a linux terminal? Well, for the ones who do, here’s a little python script which brings you live tweets directly to your bash, using your keywords How it looks?         How it works? Create your twitter application here: fill the following four strings in the python […]

the n9 as an evil access point #mitm —

Prelude: I used it in all these tools for development and privat use, e.g. you shouldn’t use it in a coffee-shop, call your hotspot “Free-Wifi” and turn the encryption off 😛 The last month I looked for a way to use my n9 as package sniffer and I figured out some usefull stuff … … […]

meexbox-cli … CLI for xbox live —

hi folks! i was searching for an easy way to check if my xbox-live friends are online and what they are up to… … since microsoft xbox live doesn’t have no official api, I found a website which offers json-data in return of requesting an url with the given xbox-live username! … I packed it […]